Bauer Publishing

Publication Design

Summer 2013

I had the privilege of interning at Bauer Publishing in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, in the Teen Art Department last summer. I was especially excited about landing this internship, because as a young girl I read all of these magazines -- J-14, M, and Twist, etc. Besides gaining real-work experience, I learned more about the industry and the corporate side of graphic design and publication design. I learned how to abandon my own style preferences and adapt to the styles for brands such as Twist or J-14. It was especially gratifying to be on the “other side” of these publications I once adored as a young teen. Seeing the tweets and Instagram photos of the posters I designed on the walls of some of the readers was a thrill! It was then that I realized how lucky I am that the very work that makes me happy also makes other happy. A perfect circle.