Brown's Backers Tailgating Kit

Branding and Package Design

Fall 2013

Being a Cleveland Browns fan isn't the easiest thing to do when your team isn't exactly winning Super Bowl rings. However, the Cleveland Browns fan base is a very dedicated group, sticking by their team season after season, hoping, sometimes praying, that each game will be better than the last.

These loyal fans are known as the Browns Backers, and they have multiple chapters around the world. This special group (Yes, I am a member!) is always proud of the Browns, no matter what the season brings. Sure, the current QB position was posted on Craigslist, and our stadium has been nicknamed "The Factory of Sadness". But we don’t let that kill our spirit.

This deep loyalty inspired me to create a tailgating kit for the Browns’ Backers. It includes a tailgating rule book, team gear, a cornhole kit, and a specialized brew, to help fans prepare for the roller coaster ride of emotions that come with every game.

Logo Design - The concept of this logo came from the fact that last season, for the first five games, former Browns kicker Phil Dawson was the only player scoring points, thanks to his field goals. Dawson became a sign of hope for many fans. 

"The 12 Commandments of Brown Backers Tailgating at Muni" - This is my version of the Bible of tailgating -- a pocket guide that Backers hand out at Muni Lot, where many fans tailgate before each game.

Backers Gear -  Shirts, hats and koozies that display Browns pride.

Cornhole KitBecause we all know that cornhole is the only way to pass the time before heading into the stadium.

Browns Backers Brew The perfect drink for every occasion related to the Browns’ games -- from drinking away the pain when the Browns don't get the win, to the celebratory drink when they do!