SCAD & HP: Byrd's Cookie Tour

Digital Media and User Experience

Fall 2013

Recently HP partnered with SCAD to create a branding experience for small local businesses in the Savannah area, using HP’s augmented reality app, Aurasma. Byrd's Cookie Company is a local business with a long history in Savannah. The business is part of the city’s heritage.

With so much history behind this small cookie, we thought Byrd’s would be the perfect business place to implement Auramsa, in order to offer customers an exciting new experience, and to enhance the brand. I was the project manager part of the four-member team with three other SCAD students) that created and executed the Byrd's Virtual Cookie Tour in ten weeks.

As project manager, I was able to take the role of developing the big picture and then ensure that all the pieces fell together smoothly. But more importantly, our project was a success for Byrd’s, as it showed that a company steeped in tradition could merge with new technology without losing the flavor and integrity of the original brand.  Through our campaign we brought Byrd’s to new audiences, increasing brand awareness.