Branding and Package Design

May 2014

'lit' is a eco friendly lighter company. With wood packaging, a 'lit' container can be used to keep these special lighters safe, rather than being tossed into a bag, or can be used as fire wood for the users next bonfire. 

lit is a company that manufactures eco-friendly lighters and matches by using green alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint. lit’s concept is to create a new way of packaging for lighters noticably different than the stands of lights at gas stations. After watching the documentry “Objectified”, I noticed simple clean design was the key to effective packaging therefore the design of lit strives for a clean, sleek aesthetic. lit’s logo design is simple with thin and tall characters spelling out “lit”. A flame is being used in place of the tittle on the "i" to represent a lit match. 

The boxes themselves are made from wood to give the audience a sense of naturalism and serenity. To keep the lighters from moving around inside the boxes, I used recycled wood shavings, to keep the eco-friendly concept continued through out the packaging.